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Hutch & Box info

Below are some examples of the hutches and carry cases that I can make, I also make then to suit your needs. If you are interested in purchasing a hutch or carry case, then please fill out the contact form.

Include which product you are interested in, measurements, quantity, and any other info. I will then email you a quotation.



Here's an example of one of my hutches, as you can see it's a double tier, which has a ramp and bedding compartment.
















This is another example of my hutches. This hutch has a run attached onto the front, providing the rabbit with access to fresh air but also provides cover from the elements.









Here is an example of my single hutches.




Here's another example of a single hutch with legs 




These type of hutches are what most breeders use as breeding hutches, it's a block of 3 hutches with sleeping compartments. 




The large cages above we made for Jo. We made them flat packed and took them to jo's 
home to be assemebled. Jo does  dog walking and she also boards small animals 
and birds.

Carry Boxes









Here's a example of some carry boxes, that I make to order. The designs can vary depending on preference.





Here's another example of a carry box I have made.